Potty Training!

We are now doing potty training for our 2.5 year old and it’s our second day!  It’s been going really well!  Only one #1 accident yesterday and one #2 accident today!

We’ve been using the 3 day method as described on www.babycenter.com    This website is a must visit site!  Daily if you’re a new mom!!!  Very helpful!

Blogging takes up too much time! :-)

So, now that I’ve had this website for a few months, I have not really done much with it!  It’s VERY time consuming and I can’t seem to figure out how to make the page the way that I want it to be!  I’ve talked to 2 people about coming over to help me, but they were quite expensive.  When I asked one person what webpage they have that I can look at or a reference, I never heard from them again!   Oh well.  I guess I’ll just post here and there and never really make this what I intended it to be!  I really can’t do much when my son is not asleep.  Just checking my emails gets him up and pulling my arm away from the keyboard!  What works?  Giving him my full attention!  What doesn’t?  Me trying to figure out how to make my page the way I want it without spending hours on end or too much money!

The world of a new blog!

I should start a new blog about starting a new blog!!!  It’s been a little difficult for me to make my page the way that I want to!  I’m trying to add slideshows and widgets and plugins, but can’t figure out how to do it!

Hopefully, I will find someone who can help me with these things and not charge an arm and a leg!!!!  If you know anyone in the North Jersey area who works on blogs,  please pass on their info to me!


Hello world!


Welcome to my new blog!  As a mother of an almost 2.5 year old and someone who provides childcare in my home, I come into contact with a lot of different baby/toddler products.  I hope to help make your decision on what products to use for your child(ren) easier! If you know of any great products, be sure to let me know!

I will also be reviewing household and beauty products. If you have any products that you absolutely love, please let me know!

Sometimes I will discuss parenting and marriage techniques that have worked for me and what hasn’t! Again, please share any great ideas and techniques that have worked for you!

Looking forward to getting to know a lot of new people!